About our Kranthi Keen School for Sainik & Navodaya Entrance Coaching in Hyderabad

Hi, I’m G. Jasir Ashraf. My Father Name is G. MD. Honnef. I am Studying in 5th Class at Keen Kranti School, and I am taking coaching classes for Sainik School also. I am Very keen to join Sainik School because we have a bright future and education, Patriotism to my Country I Want to become a proud, responsible to the society.

I am very interested in mathematics my math madam is explaining very well about the subject that I can understand and do my math homework easily by online method. She clears our doubts when we need the reasoning topic is very interesting for me by these. I came to know different types of questions to learn.

 I love to write English and G.K. in my science class. I like image Diagrams which tells us about our body, I came to know so many things.

Thank You!!

G. Jasir Ashraf

5th Class, Kranthi Keen School

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