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Kranthi Keen Coaching

Are you a parent looking for the Best Sainik School Coaching for your child? Look no further than Kranthi Keen Coaching!

Kranthi Keen Coaching has been the choice of over 2200 successful students and has been trusted by parents for over two decades. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty is committed to providing the best coaching and guidance to help your child succeed in the highly competitive Sainik School entrance exams.

Our coaching program is tailored to each student’s specific needs, providing personalized attention and support to ensure they reach their full potential. To ensure your child is fully prepared for the exam, we provide a comprehensive curriculum, practice tests, and study materials.


Don't let your child's future depend on luck. Enroll them in Kranthi Keen Coaching right away to give them the best chance of passing the Sainik School entrance exam.

Hear success stories from our students and their parents

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Sainik School | RMS | Navodaya Coaching

Admission Open AY 2023-24 | Class 4, 5 & 6

Take the first step toward your child's success
and let us help them crack the Sainik School, RMS & Navodaya Entrance Exam!

Admission Open AY 2023-24 | Class 4, 5 & 6

Take the first step towards your child's success
fill out the form and let us help them crack the entrance exam!

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