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AISSEE Sainik School Syllabus For Class 6 PDF | Exam Pattern (Available)Check Here For The Sainik Schools Entrance Exam Syllabus/Pattern For Class 6th. Class 6 Syllabus for Sainik School | Class 6 Syllabus for AISSEE | Complete information is now available. 

Sainik School Syllabus PDF, Sainik Schools Class 6 Exam Pattern, All India Sainik School Class 6 Entrance Exam Syllabus Start your preparation by checking here. All India Sainik School Entrance Exam will be used to administer admissions into the VI and IX classes from all Indian states. There is also a class 6 syllabus for Sainik School in PDF format. 

For a deeper understanding of the subjects, all students must prepare in accordance with the AISSEE Class 6 Official Syllabus. Below, you can find a detailed syllabus and exam layout for the class 6 AISSEE Entrance Test.

Class 6 Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus | Exam Pattern

According to the merit score on the entrance exam, admission will be strictly determined. Numerous students have submitted applications for the entrance exam. As a result, the applicant should score higher in the entrance exam. Before beginning their exam preparation, students should be aware of the exam pattern.

The AISSEE exam pattern is available on the official website and is very helpful in achieving good exam results. While preparing for the exam, candidates should adhere to the information.

Check out the Sainik School Class 6 Syllabus for the latest syllabus and exam pattern. The exam schedule and official notification have not yet been released.

Class 6 AISSEE Sainik School Exam Pattern

The entrance exam will be divided into two papers, Paper I and Paper II. Paper I will be held in the first half of the first day, with a 100-mark math knowledge test and a 100-mark language ability test. Paper II will consist of a 100-mark intelligence test. Paper I will last two hours and Paper II will last 50 minutes. After Name in Merit List, The candidates must pass a medical examination in which they will be evaluated physically in accordance with the physical standards of authority.        

Subject Name:No. of Questions & MarksTotal Marks
Math50 * 3150
GK (Sc & Sst)25 * 250
Language25 * 250
Intelligence25 * 250

All India Sainik School Entrance Exam Latest Exam Pattern

Class 6 AISSEE Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus

Students should read through the syllabus as the best method for achieving high marks in the entrance exam. It is impossible to succeed in the exam without knowing the exam syllabus. The exam syllabus will be posted on the exam board’s official website. The department of entrance examination creates the guidelines for the exam’s structure. The questions will be asked in the format specified by the authority board in the syllabus. We have provided a syllabus pattern for class 6, and the concerned student should follow the steps below.

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AISSEE Class VI entrance exam Syllabus for English

Comprehension PassageTense FormsOrdering of words in sentenceSingular / Plural
PrepositionKinds of NounsSentence FormationRhyming Words
ArticleKinds of PronounsAntonyms & SynonymsAdverbs
VocabluaryCorrect SpellingAdjectivesGender
Verbs and TypeQuestion TagsInterjectionNumber
Confusing WordsType of SentenceIdiom & PhrasesCollective Nouns

Composition/ Paragraph Writing

Comprehension Passages

Make Meaningful Sentences from Jumbled Words


Singular and Plural Forms

Affirmative and Interrogative

Antonyms and Synonyms



One Word Answers/ Fill in the Blanks


Framing Questions

Sentence Types (Interrogative, Positive, Negative, Exclamatory)

Constructing Sentences with Words, etc

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AISSEE Class 6 Syllabus for Mathematics:

Number System: (Place Value and Face Value of Numbers, Comparison of Numbers, Writing Greatest and Smallest numbers, Rounding off numbers, Fundamental Operations on number including BODMAS rule, Number Patterns and Series, LCM and HCF, Prime Factorisation, Squares and square roots, etc. )

Fractional and Decimals: ( Simplifications, Fundamental Operations Including BODMAS Rule, Lowest form and equivalent fractions, comparisons, squares and square roots, Conversion of fractions to decimals or percentages and vice versa, applications including word problems, etc)

Commercial Mathematics: (Time and work, Ration and Proportion, unitary method, percentages, profit and loss including percentages, simple interest, arithmetic mean, degree Fahrenheit, preparation of cash bills, time and distance including conversion of units, measurement of temperature in degree Celsius, etc.)

Mensuration: (Conversion of Units of Area and Volume, Perimeter and areas and of triangle – rectangle – square including given diagrams, circumference and area of circle, volumes of solids such as cube and cuboid, etc.)

Geometry: (Basic Geometry concepts such as line, point, line segment, ray, etc, triangles, classification of angles, Circle and its parts, quadrilaterals and polygons, interior and exterior of given figures, quadrilaterals, angle sum property of triangles, angles, triangles,circles, construction of line segments, etc)

AISSEE Class 6 Syllabus | Sainik School Entrance Exam | Mathematics

Natural NumbersPercentageCircle
HCF, LCFArea and PerimeterVolume of Cube & Cuboids
Unitary MethodSimple InterestPrime & Composite Numbers
FractionsLines and AnglesPlane Figures
Ratio and ProportionTemperatureDecimal Numbers
Profit & LossConversion of UnitesSpeed & time
SimplificationRoman NumeralsOperation on Numbers
AverageType of AnglesComplementary & Supplementary Angles
Arranging of Fractions  

AISSEE Class 6 Syllabus | Sainik School Entrance Exam | GK


Different Types of Scientific Devices Used in Daily Life.Concepts on Mountain Terrain and Lifestyle
Icons and Symbols of India: National Insignia, National Emblem, Sports, Animal etc. (Elementary awareness of such symbols)Historical Monuments
Major Religions of India (Elementary awareness about founder, place of origin, religious books and important ideas)Shape of Earth and Gravitation (Basic concepts)
Art and Culture (Music, Classical and Folk Dance); Renowned Personalities, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Major Dance FormsNon-Renewable Energy Sources (Fossil Fuels)
Defence (Equivalent Ranks in three services, Weapons, Aircraft, Missiles &Warships (Elementary awareness)Food, Culture, Habitat, Languages etc of various regions (Basic concepts)
Sports and Games (India & World). Renowned personalities, major competitions and trophies associated with various gamesNames of young ones of different animals
Super Senses (How do plants and animals sense their surroundings)Functions of Body Parts of Plants and Animals
Relationship between Animals and Human BeingsInternational Organizations: Basic knowledge about structure, functioning and objectives of United Nations, World Bank etc
Taste and Digestion (Basic concepts)Indian Literary and Cultural Personalities: Names and fields of achievements
Cooking and Preserving TechniquesIndian Literary and Cultural Awards. (Names of the awards and recent recipients)
Germination and Seed DispersalNatural Calamities (Flood and Earthquake)
Traditional Water Harvesting TechniquesEvaporation, Condensation and Water Cycle (Basic concepts)
Water Pollution and Microbial DiseasesLife of Farmers (Farming techniques)
Experiment with Water on Everyday LifeTribal Communities and Forest Produce


Note: The names of the AISSEE Updated Topics are available in the table above. Check the prospectus for more information.


AISSEE Class 6 Syllabus | Sainik School Entrance Exam | GK (Sc & SSt) – Science Syllabus

  •         Living Things, Characteristics of Living Things, Plants and Animals, Interdependence of living things and non living things, human body, Food, Rocks and Minerals, Diseases, Air, Water and weather, Natural satellite, simple machines, Environment, Natural calamities, etc.

GK (Sc & SSt) – Social Studies Syllabus

  •         Maps Planets, Solar System, Satellites, Continents, Oceans, Motion of Earth, Latitudes and Longitudes, Climate.
  •         Freedom Fighters and great reformers, Our freedom struggle.
  •         Structure of Government, Fundamental rights and duties, united nation and its functions.

Your presence and reading of our post make us happy. Soon, we’ll add more information to our website. Exam syllabus is now updated above. Candidates can visit the Sainik School Society’s official website to learn more.

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Quick Links for Class 6 AISSEE Syllabus PDF

Sainik School Class 6 Syllabus PDF – Click Here

Sainik School Admission Prospectus | Online Applications

Sainik School Exam Previous Year Papers | Model Papers

Questions and Answers (FAQs) - Sanik School Syllabus Class 6 PDF

The Sainik School Maths Syllabus includes topics such as Number System, Geometry, HCF, LCM, BODMAS, Percentage, Mensuration, and many others.

The minimum qualifying marks for AISSEE examination are 40% aggregate marks and minimum 25% marks required in each subject.

Candidates who want to download the Sainik School Syllabus PDF can do so by clicking on the link provided above. Otherwise, go to the official website at aissee.nta.nic.in.

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